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Hormonal Imbalances: Prevention with Proper Nutrition?

Hormonal Imbalances - Can They Be Prevented with Proper Nutrition

In the past, hormonal imbalances were considered a “female issue” that no one really talked about. Most people thought they were just something that happened to women once a month or throughout pregnancy. Thankfully, modern research shows that hormones are part of a much bigger picture, and they affect how both women and men feel […]


A Fresh N’ Lean Review By A Workout Couple

My Fresh N’ Lean Review

My boyfriend and I both work a lot, but we try not to let that stop us from eating a healthy diet. As you probably already know, that can be a real challenge, especially when you hate to cook, and you don’t have time for shopping. I’ve been on the hunt for a meal delivery […]


Best Multivitamin For Men Over 50


There’s no question that a man’s body changes as he passes the 50-year mark. It only makes sense that your nutritional needs will change as well. Taking a multivitamin could help to prevent certain side effects of the natural aging process, including the increased risk of heart disease. Sure, we would all like to think […]


8 Foods that are Colon-Friendly

8 Foods that are Colon-Friendly 1

The word “colon” is another name for large intestines, the organ that eliminates the food residue out of the body through bowel movements. An unhealthy colon can cause digestive problems that can be as simple as diarrhea or constipation, to more serious ones like irritable bowel syndrome and colon cancer. Because of their crucial job […]


5 Ways to Combat Constipation

5 Ways to Combat Constipation 2

If you’re reading this, then you are probably one out of the many Americans-about 63 million people to be exact-who suffer from a constipated gut. Signs of constipation include stools that are dry, hard, and difficult to pass, and occasional bouts of diarrhea due to accumulated feces in the rectum, among others. Before reading further, you […]


The Search for the Best Cooking Oil for Your Health

The Search for the Best Cooking Oil for Your Health 3

Through the years, science has blamed fats as the number one culprit of high obesity rates. That is until technical advancements and modern research have revealed that it was also carbohydrates, or too much consumption of it, that is to blame. As fats are slowly shaking off the bad rep associated with it, fitness experts […]


How to Win Against Your Late-Night Cravings

How to Win Against Your Late-Night Cravings 4

We’ve all been there. You made arrangements not to eat beyond your dinner as a way to lose weight, so you try your hardest not to enter the kitchen or open the fridge. But out of the blue, you hear a voice coming from inside the refrigerator. You forgot! There was leftover cake from your […]


The Bad Side of High-Protein Diet

The Bad Side of High-Protein Diet 5

High-protein diets are quickly becoming a thing because of so many proven side effects of a food intake high in carbohydrates. And because of the seeming benefit of protein in building muscles, this diet is a favorite among celebrities and ordinary people who are into bodybuilding or just for toning their abs. But as the […]


What Your Nails Can Say About Your Health

What Your Nails Can Say About Your Health 6

We have shown ahead of time how you can take care of your nails without saying the reason why. Through this article, we would enumerate the things that your nails can indicate about the overall state of your health. Tip: We encouraged that you remove your nail polish and glance at your nails as you […]


Get Your Weight (and your life!) Back From Anti-D

Get Your Weight (and your life!) Back From Anti-D 7

The battle to raise awareness about mental health continues to be at its peak, with celebrities and athletes like Cara Delevigne and Michael Phelps taking the lead for discussions and public discourse to happen across the globe. Still, the stigma on patients suffering from it stays with people dismissing it as “all in the head” […]