About MBSF

Brought to you by father/daughter team, Jason & Julia Baum, MBSF is a collaboration website which focuses on providing every reader with a fantastic experience. With dozens of different authors covering a wide array of different topics, we are able to supply everything you need to know about some of the top trends in the health & wellness industry.

The writers of MBSF have varied knowledge and experiences, including certified personal trainer, medical researchers, physicians assistants & much more. No matter what background we come from, we all share one common goal; to change the lives of as people as we can.

What Is MBSF?

One of the most common questions we always receive is “What Is MBSF & Why?”.

Well, to answer that question, we have to dig deep. MBSF stands for many different things, but our favorite definition is Mind – Body – Soul – Freedom. With this, we strive to provide all our readers with the best materials they need to be fit; both mentally and physically.

We have tons of different authors that are experts in their field and they will regularly be posting. If you are interested in writing for MBSF, contact us right away.

Jason Baum
Jason Baum
Julia Baum
Lorraine McKenzie 2
Lorraine McKenzie
Rachel Marisol 2-min
Rachel Marisol
Marissa Smalls-min
Marissa Smalls
Mark Grazer
Mark Grazer

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