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Aging Smartly: How to Plan for Your Senior Years

Aging Smartly - How to Plan for Your Senior Years

Fear of ageing hits us all at least several times throughout life. It is one of the most common fears there is. Different people fear ageing for different reasons. Some are afraid they won’t be able to recognize themselves in the mirror. Others are terrified of the proximity of death. Some dread the loss of […]


TriggerPoint Review | GRID Roller, GRID Ball, MB1 Massage Ball

TriggerPoint Review

Being a person who works in an office sitting all day, at the same time, being someone who also wants to be extremely active both indoors and outdoors presents a problem that most overlook and see as negligible. However, for me, this problem is something I see as a serious physical issue that holds me […]


Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 1

You are probably one of the many people who find it difficult to get some shut-eye, even after trying everything-counting sheep, sleeping pills, researching for the best solution out there (such as this article), often to no avail. You still find yourself staring at the ceiling, waiting for the vestiges of sleep to kick in. […]


5 Ways to Spice up Your Plank Routine

5 Ways to Spice up Your Plank Routine 9

Some say that for you to appreciate a full one minute of your life, you have to experience doing planks. While this all-versatile move may be difficult to execute for some, nobody can deny the benefits it brings–an improved core strength, stronger biceps, and a full appreciation of what you can do in one minute. […]


Yoga vs. Pilates: Is One Better Than the Other?

Yoga vs. Pilates: Is One Better Than the Other? 10

Most people who are only starting out on their exercise routine would opt to hit the gym first to see if they can sustain the habit. However, there are some who can’t do so for a variety of reasons, including the fact that most gym exercises bore them to death after weeks of doing them. […]


Exercise at Work: 5 Things Your Can Do By Your Desk

Exercise at Work 5 Things Your Can Do By Your Desk

The benefits of exercise are well-documented. Same thing with the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. And yet, most people are still able to find excuses not to do it. The most common reason? Work. Back in the prehistoric times until the Industrial revolution, work equates to muscle-pain-inducing manual labor. The expression “break a sweat,” when […]