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Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 1

You are probably one of the many people who find it difficult to get some shut-eye, even after trying everything-counting sheep, sleeping pills, researching for the best solution out there (such as this article), often to no avail. You still find yourself staring at the ceiling, waiting for the vestiges of sleep to kick in. […]


The Bad Side of High-Protein Diet

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 9

High-protein diets are quickly becoming a thing because of so many proven side effects of a food intake high in carbohydrates. And because of the seeming benefit of protein in building muscles, this diet is a favorite among celebrities and ordinary people who are into bodybuilding or just for toning their abs. But as the […]


The Truth About Set Point And How You Can Get Past It

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 10

If you have been trying to lose weight for a while now, I bet that you jumped into all sorts of products and services that promise to help you achieve your goal, from spa treatments, fad diets, to exercise routines, both in gym or free-form. But despite the efforts you put and the money you spent, […]


What Your Nails Can Say About Your Health

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 11

We have shown ahead of time how you can take care of your nails without saying the reason why. Through this article, we would enumerate the things that your nails can indicate about the overall state of your health. Tip: We encouraged that you remove your nail polish and glance at your nails as you […]


Do Slimming Spa Treatments Really Work?

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 12

The journey of finding the “silver bullet” for weight loss never ends. People desperate to feed their desire to eat without gaining a pound or merely to have that sculpted abs drive companies and other businesses to present any form of method to make weight loss easy. This need spawned the idea of slimming spa […]


3 Fad Diets that are Actually Effective

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 13

Fad diets are always presented in a bad light both by the media and reputable institutions. Despite this, a lot of people still subscribe to its false promises and strict compliance because of the quick results they bring, not to mention the fact that celebrities are living testimonies of the efficacy of these diets. But […]


5 Ways to Spice up Your Plank Routine

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 14

Some say that for you to appreciate a full one minute of your life, you have to experience doing planks. While this all-versatile move may be difficult to execute for some, nobody can deny the benefits it brings–an improved core strength, stronger biceps, and a full appreciation of what you can do in one minute. […]


Get Your Weight (and your life!) Back From Anti-D

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 15

The battle to raise awareness about mental health continues to be at its peak, with celebrities and athletes like Cara Delevigne and Michael Phelps taking the lead for discussions and public discourse to happen across the globe. Still, the stigma on patients suffering from it stays with people dismissing it as “all in the head” […]


Doing IF, and Doing it Well

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 16

Intermittent fasting (or IF) is the new weight loss method employed by fitness experts and celebrities as a way to lose weight without giving up their favorite food. Compared to other fad diets, IF deals not on what to eat, but when to eat, which is far easier to plan and execute than the former, […]


5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Counting Calories

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep 17

Calories are the so-called fuel that is used by the body for bodily functions such as maintaining regular heart rate, contracting the muscles, and even blinking the eyelids, among other things. All food items have corresponding calories attached to it. But when taken in excess, calories can become a problem. Too much caloric intake is […]