Do Slimming Spa Treatments Really Work? 1

Do Slimming Spa Treatments Really Work?

The journey of finding the “silver bullet” for weight loss never ends. People desperate to feed their desire to eat without gaining a pound or merely to have that sculpted abs drive companies and other businesses to present any form of method to make weight loss easy. This need spawned the idea of slimming spa treatments.

Slimming spa treatments are becoming a favorite among celebrities who need to slim down fast before hitting the red carpet. But are they useful for long-term weight loss? We are about to find out. Here are three of the most popular slimming treatments and the answer if they are efficient enough in shedding off the pounds:

Body wraps

Body wraps may vary depending on the so-called “purpose” of the treatment. However, most people avail of the slimming body wrap. Procedures may be different from one spa to another. Most of them adopt this method: after different points of your body are measured, your skin is rubbed or massaged with a scrub then immediately wrapped with either elastic bandages or linen sheets. The interval between the two steps is crucial because the added layer is the vital factor for your skin to absorb the scrub.

Once the wrapping is done, you are asked to lay down on a table to be wrapped or covered by a thermal blanket. Some spas even encourage the customer to do a light exercise to maximize the weight loss technique fully. The procedures usually last for about 30 minutes to an hour.

After the treatment, the attendant would measure different parts of your body for immediate changes. In one instance, a celebrity who filmed the whole procedure as she goes under wraps lost a total of nine inches around her arms, thighs, core, and butt.

Is it effective for long-term weight loss?

The reason as to why you lose weight (or a few inches) after one session is because you lost water and electrolytes from all the profuse sweating-not fat. The lost pounds would only stay for a day or two. Once you hydrate yourself, they will come back.

Given this information, the answer is NO; it cannot help you lose weight, at least for a long time. However, if you need to slim down a day before a special event, this treatment could help.


Sometimes, no matter how much we exercise, there is just that one body part that cannot shrink. That’s why those who have the money to afford a surgery pay to have this invasive medical treatment performed to them.

Most people who undergo liposuction want to spot-reduce a body part, usually the midsection. But just like other medical treatments, this one has its own set of risks and side effects. Plus, the procedure must be done by a licensed doctor or surgeon.

Aside from that, one session can remove as much as six to eight pounds only-any further, and the body would go into shock. It would go into defense mode, which means activating different hormones and mechanisms that would push you to overeat until you get the bulge back. With this valuable consideration, this method is not exactly recommended for people who are grossly out of weight.

Is it effective for long-term weight loss?

Yes-IF you manage to keep the weight off. Liposuction can only help in surgically removing the fat, but if you do not employ permanent lifestyle changes, the dollars you paid for the surgery would be all for naught because you just might get it all back.

Saunas and Jacuzzi

These two heat methods are famous for making you feel what it’s like to be cooked alive-figuratively, at least. With the heat coming from different mediums (steam for saunas, hot water from Jacuzzi), these two procedures promise to help you lose weight by increasing your body’s temperature and improve your blood circulation. These two biological mechanisms need energy coming either from the food you ate or your fat deposits to keep you alive and kicking inside the hot room or tub.

Is it effective for long-term weight loss?

Yes and No. Yes, because the premise behind the procedure is valid-your body would work extra hard to keep your system to function well.

But even though you can lose pounds, the amount your body needs to function well under heat is almost the same amount you spend as you sit on the couch and watch TV (minus the bag of chips).

However, this does not mean we are stopping you from going into a sauna or a hot tub. These two methods are great at decreasing stress levels-but not the weight.

As you can see, even the so-called “silver bullet” offered by reputable spas are not as helpful as they advertise to be. This goes to show that the age-old methods of losing weight–watching your diet and exercising-is still the best and golden way to keep the pounds off.

So the next time you feel enticed to bite into the next slimming treatment trend, take it with a grain of salt, and see if you would rather invest your hard-earned money on a long-term but highly-effective method instead.

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