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Living with Arthritis – Top 8 Tips to Follow

If someone has Arthritis, they can expect a life full of sudden pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joints, and the inability to carry out even the most trivial tasks of daily routine. The condition may also lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression, which further worsens the status of the sufferer.

Even if you have been diagnosed with this disease, the future doesn’t need to so gloomy. It can take a toll on your life, but there are plenty of ways to fight and overcome it. From an active lifestyle to proper medications, several tactics can be adapted to fight through the odds and achieve a standard way of living.

Let us present you with some sought after tips which are surely going to ease your pain and help you navigate through the remaining years of your life conveniently:

Stay Active

You might think that exercise is the last thing to do when you have arthritis, but the reality is that it can help you in surviving through this disease. Several studies have proved that physical activity plays a vital role in improving the quality of your life. Exercise not only strengthens your bones and muscles but also boosts your energy.

When your muscles are strong, they serve as a protection for your joints, which are affected by arthritis. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle relieves the pain from the joints. If you are experiencing a bad flare-up, it is advisable not to exercise until the pain diminishes.

Never Gain Weight

Having excess weight will put extra pressure on all your joints, including the knees, hips, ankles, feet, and spine. When you shed a few pounds, you will feel that the symptoms of arthritis are diminishing. Apart from exercising, you must also take care of your diet to improve your health and not to gain weight.

There are several nutrients which can help in getting rid of the joint inflammation and pain. Foods which are rich in Vitamin C and Omega-3 fatty acids must be a part of your daily diet. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as they’ll provide you with the necessary nutrients along with controlling your weight.

Regularly Take Your Medications

To keep the pain under control, you must be very persistent with the medication. The most common is acetaminophen(Tylenol) as it doesn’t even upset the stomach. However, never overdose on these painkillers as they can damage the organs and cause numerous other problems.

You must be very careful while reading the labels so that there is no room for mistake in taking the medication correctly. Moreover, it is advisable not to take any medicine for more than ten days without getting the consent of your doctor first.

Consult Your Doctor for Supplements and Complementary Medicine

Plenty of supplements have been tested for the treatment of arthritis, and some of them have shown considerable improvement in people who used to suffer greatly from the pain. The most commonly consumed are SAMe, and Glucosamine that seems to be promising, but more research is required in this regard.

If you plan to take supplements, you must keep in mind that it will take at least a month before they start showing you their results. Consult an orthopedic doctor before you make any move. You can even resort to alternative treatments like getting a massage, which will increase your blood flow towards the joints.

Don’t Compromise on Your Sleep

Being sleep deprived can elevate your pain to a great extent as it leads to discomfort and restlessness. Having a good night’s sleep will help you to fight the stress and pain, which is caused by arthritis.

Set a routine for yourself where you go to bed at the same time every night. Do not have any distractions like television or computer in your room. Always use a comfortable pillow and a mattress so that you stay undisturbed throughout the night.

Live with a Positive Attitude

Being a patient of arthritis, you will be facing a few bad days in your life. Since it is a chronic condition, these bad days can occur more often than you would want them to. However, living through these painful days with a positive attitude can make it easier for you to face the adversities.

Never let a few bad days stop you from enjoying a good life which is full of opportunities. Carry on with the activities of your daily routine and do not let anything stop you from making bold choices. Work full time, ride a bike, and travel as much as you like so that you can live life to the fullest.

Stay Patient and Persistent

Starting from the day of diagnosis to every moment in which you have to live with the pain, you must observe patience. There is no permanent cure for the disease, and the symptoms will relapse sooner or later. Apart from choosing the right lifestyle for yourself, you also need to adjust with your situation and must show patience on occasional pains.

Even the most straightforward things like taking a shower or brushing your hair may become challenging. The best way to observe enough patience is to educate yourself about the disease so that it is easier for you to cope up with the odds. Present your concerns to your physician, and he’ll help you through it.

Find Support Online

There are several people out there who are suffering like you and talking to them may bring ease to your troubles. This online community will become your ultimate support and may even prove to be a helpful family. You’ll be able to make friends who know how it feels to be in your shoes and can show you immense support.

Before you start thinking that your life has ended because you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, it is better to seek help. Find a way to live a healthy life despite the odds because only then you’ll be able to achieve your goals and live a contented life.

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