Top 8 Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Top 8 Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Coined as one of the world’s greatest superfoods, matcha green tea is taking the world by storm. Made by taking young tea leaves and grinding them into a bright green powder, the powder is then whisked into hot water. With antioxidants 137 times higher than a standard cup of green tea, the health benefits are limitless.

Listed below are 8 benefits of consuming matcha green tea:

1. Antioxidant Powerhouse

Antioxidants are naturally occurring chemical compounds that have significant health benefits, including helping fight chronic diseases and sickness. Filled with the most beneficial antioxidant, catechins, matcha green tea has more than 100 times the catechins than any other tea varieties. And with 13 times the antioxidants of pomegranates and 125 times of spinach, here’s to feeling your best self.

2. Beauty Benefits

Surprisingly, green tea matcha has many beauty benefits. A multipurpose use, green tea matcha can be consumed or used as a face mask for skin benefits. The catechins in green tea work to trap and get rid of free radicals in the skin, helping with aging. With many anti-inflammatory properties, green tea matcha can help reduce redness in your skin and fight acne. A common cause of acne is the excess production of oil. Matcha green tea can help shrink pored and reduce the production of oils.

3. Stress Less

As a healthier alternative to coffee, matcha green tea can give you the boost of energy you need with extra added benefits. What matcha lacks in caffeine, it makes up for with L-Theanine and other great qualities. A product that increases your alertness and focus levels, Naturally, productivity and concentration levels follow. Another bonus quality of matcha green tea is the lack of jittery feelings. Often, many coffee drinkers find themselves becoming jittery after drinking coffee. That’s one less thing you have to worry about when drinking matcha green tea.

4. Physical Health

Matcha green tea has many physical health benefits, including helping you lose weight. Containing the product, ECGg, the product responsible for making you feel full, consuming matcha green tea will allow your body to feel full, resisting those unhealthy snacks. Matcha green tea also naturally boosts our metabolism and utilizes fat as an energy source, improving our bodies fat burning abilities.

5. Oral Hygiene

A secret weapon to great oral hygiene is matcha green tea. Bad oral hygiene comes from bacteria growing in your mouth. The constant intake of starches, salt, and sugar contribute to the bacterial growth in our mouths. This bacterial growth can lead to teeth stains, cavities, and bad breath. Unlike coffee or black tea, matcha does not stain your teeth. Catechins in matcha green tea act as a natural detoxifier and can lower your mouth acidity, preventing from tooth decay, bad breath, and overall bad oral hygiene.

6. Immune System

Being sick is never fun. Matcha green tea can help your immune system and help you feel better in no time. The catechin antioxidant called EGCg in matcha green tea is effective in protecting the body against bacterial and viral infections and can help fight these off too. As an antidote to fatigue and bacteria, matcha green tea can cleanse and detox the body, helping build your body’s immune system up again.

7. Heart Health

The heart is one of, if not, the most important organs in your body. Matcha green tea has many benefits that can boost your heart health and prevent heart attacks or strokes. The catechins in matcha can lower levels of cholesterol. Further, flavonoids antioxidants in matcha also help in maintaining a healthy heart. Helping to enhance the lining of blood vessels, regulating blood pressure and preventing clotting all contribute to a healthy heart. Introducing matcha green tea into your diet can significantly minimize the risk of having heart problems.

8. Stress No More

Anxiety and stress are something we all experience in our lives. In especially busy periods in life, lowering levels of stress is beneficial for your overall health. Thus, consuming matcha green tea can help lower stress levels. L-theanine is an amino acid found in matcha that induces a feeling of relaxation and simultaneously reduces physical and mental stress.

Matcha green tea has numerous health benefits from boosting your immune system, your heart health, oral health to beauty benefits and anxiety and stress level. Boost your health with introducing consumption of matcha green tea into your daily diet.

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