Is Plexus Slim For You?

Editor’s Note: While Plexus Slim has been helping thousands of individuals each year, our top pick for the best weight loss solution has recently changed.

We were proudly impressed by the data and ingredients of Slimfy that MBSF is now recommending the all-natural supplement for all readers.

Is Plexus Slim For You?

If you’ve reached this page, this is a question you have been asking yourself.  Whether you heard about Plexus Slim from a friend, family member, online forum or saw it on a social media site; you’re now wondering whether this is for you.  Read on below for the ten most common reasons people take Plexus Slim.

10 Things You Need to Know About Plexus Slim and Accelerator

1. What is Plexus Slim and Accelerator +?

Plexus Slim is a natural dietary supplement that helps you lose weight. The Accelerator is a natural complement to help boost the weight loss effects of Plexus Slim. Taken together, the synergistic effects have been proven to achieve significant weight loss for many individuals. Both are safe and effective having been proven by tens of thousands of regular customers.  The companies strong reputation allows you to trust the product.

 This product promotes and enhances your bodies natural functions, ultimately helping you shed fat and lbs.

Its a safe and effective weight loss supplement that helps regulate blood sugar, boosts your metabolism, suppresses your appetite, helps maintain a healthy blood pressure, increases your energy, promotes beneficial cholesterol and lipid levels and consists of all natural ingredients.

2. Are Real People Getting Real Results?
How many weight loss products have you seen that advertise itself as being the miracle solution?  How many times are the testimonials images of weight loss super skinny models who clearly work out every day and follow a strict time consuming diet?  I know many companies that do this and to be honest it disgusts me.  They show images of unattainable bodies, photoshopped and faked.  Plexus Slim has been achieving real results with real people.  Take a look at a few weight loss results below:

Lost 26 lbs and 4 sizes.

< style=”text-align: justify;”>”Healthier Happier and Feeling my All Time Best” Hope S.
In four months, Hope lost 26 lbs taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator. She went from a size 12 to a size 8. She says that “even during the holidays, I was able to eat what I wanted without gaining a pound”.  After seeing results for herself, she gave plexus slim and accelerator to her husband. He lost 20 lbs too.<

< style=”text-align: justify;”>Lost 52 lbs and 9 Sizes./><
< style=”text-align: justify;”>”I haven’t gained a pound back” Rochelle D.
Rochelle went down from a size 14 to a size 5.  She lost 52 lbs in five months on plexus slim and accelerator. She says she feels better than ever.<

3. Are There Any Side Affects?

Some Individuals report feelings of gassyness or bloatedness; however, these occur in rare one off scenarios. All the individuals I have ever spoken to about side effects claim that they have none.

4. Your Bad Cravings Disappear
Balancing the blood sugar in your body naturally

has a positive effect on your cravings for fatty and sugary foods high in carbohydrates.   Simply put, Plexus Slim and Accelerator+ will help you eat less, especially less of the bad foods your body craves.

5. It Safely Burns Fat
Your body naturally stores fat. Most commonly fat is stored in the thighs, buttocks

and stomach.  Plexus Slim and Accelerator targets these common areas burning fat and not muscle.

6. The Plexus Slim Ingredients
You can trust the ingredients are safe and natural; however, just for your peace of mind I have listed and explained them below.  All of the information below has been taken from Plexus Worldwide,





Alpha Lipoic Acid – Naturally promoting energy from within the body, this converts glucose extremely effectively.  This is how it will help you lose weight; however, its far from what it will actually do for you.  This occurs naturally in the human body; however, increased levels of it have positive effects.  Its list of positive effects would be extremely long; however, for the sake of this article if you want to know more “google it” 🙂

Beet Root Extract – This cleanses and balances pH levels ultimately purifying your blood.  Also a great source of natural energy.

Chlorogenic Acid – This has been proven to stop


of fat from many many many different foods.  It also boosts your metabolism.  It also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Chromium – The primary role here is to reduce cravings for simple carbohydrates.

Citric Acid – This is a natural preservative to make the drink taste better.  A good addition to the product.

Citrin K –  Very powerful and direct.  It reduces the rate at which your body converts carbohydrates into fat storage.  It blocks negative functions in enzymes.  Basically a fantastic fat blocker, but it also works as an appetite suppressant.

Glycemic Index Maltodextrin – A natural sweetener derived from grains to help improve the



Grape Skin Extract – With a huge number of benefits including flavonoids, oligomeric proanthocyanidins, vitamin E and linoleic acid.  This helps reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Lo Han Extract –  Another natural



Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside – A natural appetite suppressant becoming more widely used. While its a fairly new ingredient and is not as proven as the rest, it is definitely a safe and natural one.

Stevia Extract –  The fourth flavor component, primarily used as a sweetener has also been approved by the FDA as a dietary supplement.

7. What Are Others Saying?
Unlike most weight loss products on the market, Plexus Slim and Accelerator has managed to achieve rave reviews.  The reputation precedes itself, which is something only an honest company and product can achieve.  You probably heard about this product from a positive review somewhere and were simply looking for more information.

This companies goal is weight loss and a positive customer experience.

It has vowed to stop at nothing in its attempt to improve the lives of all.  This is something I value highly.  Reputation of the company and its Long Term goals are important when taking its products.  Especially if its something you put in your body.  You can never be too safe, and Plexus Worldwide takes the worry away.

8. What Is The Opportunity All About?
This is not a get rich quick scheme… Neither is it something that will make you $400/hour.  Please understand this is a legitimate opportunity however to earn a few extra hundred to thousand dollars per month.

The top earners in the company have reported, verified by myself, to earn over $20,000/month.

Now unless you are going to take this full time and treat it like a true business, I wouldn’t expect to do this.  Also it will take you at minimum one year to make this kind of money. Nonetheless, the Plexus Slim Opportunity costs $34.99/year.  This includes a website, distribution, marketing materials and head office support.  Its a pretty good deal as its one of the only companies that do not require you to order massive amounts of their product on a monthly basis.

9. Refer 3 Friends and Get Your Product Free
Simply tell 3 friends about the product and receive your product free on a monthly basis.

10. Save $15
If you decide to purchase the product, make sure you sign up as a preferred customer you will save $15 off the purchase of Plexus Slim and Accelerator every month.  Purchase as a retail customer and pay the full price. Please notepurchasing as a preferred customer signs you up on a monthly auto-ship. This means you will receive the product on a monthly basis until you cancel. So remember, if you do not want the product to come next month, please remember to cancel it. Its very simple and only takes a 2 minute phone call.

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