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Can I Take Ashwagandha on an Empty Stomach?

Can I take ashwagandha on an empty stomach

Can you take ashwagandha on an empty stomach? What is ashwagandha and how does it work? In this guide, we’ll answer all of your questions about this ancient adaptogen, including the best way to take ashwagandha and who can benefit from it the most! What is ashwagandha? If you were to ask an herbalist if […]


Boost the Immune System With 9 Fail-Proof Lifestyle Changes

Boost the Immune System with 9 Fail-Proof Lifestyle Changes

When cold and flu season hits, there’s always that one guy or gal who stands tall while everyone else is home in bed. It makes you wonder why some people seem to catch every virus, while others never get sick. You might be willing to try anything to boost the immune system, especially if you’re […]


Food as Medicine: A Proactive Approach to Better Health

Food as Medicine - A Proactive Approach to Better Health

There’s no question that the foods we eat affect not only our weight but also the way we feel. Thankfully, many of us are making an effort to shift away from the highly-processed, low variety diet that has been the norm in the US for the past several decades. Although fast food is tasty and […]