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Natural Home Remedies to Common Colds

Common colds during these cold winter months can significantly impair our ability to function and socialize. Not to mention that it’s difficult to sleep soundly with your nose clogged all night. And if you have kids or a pet, chances are they’d catch the virus and become ill as well. Unfortunately, colds have no cure. […]


Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

You are probably one of the many people who find it difficult to get some shut-eye, even after trying everything-counting sheep, sleeping pills, researching for the best solution out there (such as this article), often to no avail. You still find yourself staring at the ceiling, waiting for the vestiges of sleep to kick in. […]

Healthy Food

What Too Much Salt can Do to your Health

Salt has been around for centuries. Because of its ability to add flavor and preserve food items during eras when refrigerators do not yet exist, it has become a commodity around the world. Powerful nations even trade pounds of their gold for a sack of this fine, white crystals. But now, salt is so abundant […]

Healthy Food

Is Breakfast Really Important?

We have all heard of this old saying: “Eat breakfast like that of a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a commoner or pauper.” Or maybe you haven’t. Instead, you experienced a good deal of scolding from your Mom for not finishing your bowl of cereal-even though you’re already running late for school. […]


How to Improve your Concentration

Have you ever had that time when you are intent on accomplishing a task because the deadline is at 5 PM that day, but you just can’t find it in you to focus on the work? Perhaps it’s because of your gossiping co-workers, or the constant ringing of your next-cubicle neighbor’s phone. Or maybe it’s […]


The Search for the Best Cooking Oil for Your Health

Through the years, science has blamed fats as the number one culprit of high obesity rates. That is until technical advancements and modern research have revealed that it was also carbohydrates, or too much consumption of it, that is to blame. As fats are slowly shaking off the bad rep associated with it, fitness experts […]


How to Win Against Your Late-Night Cravings

We’ve all been there. You made arrangements not to eat beyond your dinner as a way to lose weight, so you try your hardest not to enter the kitchen or open the fridge. But out of the blue, you hear a voice coming from inside the refrigerator. You forgot! There was leftover cake from your […]


The Bad Side of High-Protein Diet

High-protein diets are quickly becoming a thing because of so many proven side effects of a food intake high in carbohydrates. And because of the seeming benefit of protein in building muscles, this diet is a favorite among celebrities and ordinary people who are into bodybuilding or just for toning their abs. But as the […]

Dieting Healthy Food

The Best Ketogenic Diet – About The Diet

The Best Ketogenic Diet - About The Diet

Maintaining health and fitness is getting harder by the day. Why is this? Well, the answer is simple; people are not really keen on the foods and meals they eat. Nutrition directly affects how your body produces certain hormones and how your body regulates metabolism. What you eat determines whether your body will burn fat […]


4 Warning Signs You Have Binge-Eating Disorder

You might enjoy a casual binge-eating episode thanks to the upcoming holidays, but did you know that there are a considerable number of people who are actually suffering from the disease? Yes, binge-eating disorder or BED exists as an actual health problem that is more psychological as it is physical. It is characterized by the […]