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Editor’s Note: We no longer support Plexus Slim, their ingredients or their business practices.

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What is the Full Cost?

The Full Retail Price of Plexus Slim is the highest price you will pay.  But you don’t have to order at the retail price. 🙂 People time and time again, continue to order Plexus products at the full retail price. However, like I said, there is another way to get the product at a lower price.

Can You Get it Cheaper?

Yes, you can get these products at a lower price. You can receive deep discounts of up to $25 off the the plexus product combo packs. It is not a Plexus Coupon Code – but rather a method you can use on all the Plexus Products; Slim, Boost, Accelerator and the Combo Packs. You can even use it on other products like ProBio5, BioCleanse, Xfactor, Fast Relief Cream and the Breast Check Health Kit.

How to Get a Lower Cost?

Order as a Retail Customer

This is the full cost, as listed above. A retail order is a one time order at full price.

Order as a Preferred Customer – Save $15 On the Combo Packs

This is the most common way to order Plexus. As a Preferred Customer, you agree to a monthly auto-ship. This means, the product will re-order every month for you. If you wish to cancel, simply call customer service “(480)998-3490 to cancel. Hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm PST (M-F)” with your Customer Number and that’s it. Easy, Simple.

  1. Order as a Preferred Customer

Order as a Wholesale Customer – Save $25 on the combo packs

I don’t recommend doing this until you’ve at least tried the product. You won’t recoup your costs until after month four. See below for how it works.

  1. Sign up as Ambassador – Cost $34.99
  2. Order product at Discounted Rate – $89.99
  3. After four months of ordering you will have saved $40.00

There is a way to get it for free…

If you sign up as an ambassador, you can now sell the product. Plexus will give you a website and any customers you send to it, will generate you a commission. If you get three others to try it, you will receive yours for free. If your interested in doing this, please reach out to us – The process is a little more complicated and we’d like to make sure you do everything right and understand what this means.

So Does a Plexus Coupon Code Really Exist?

Yes. BUT they never release these coupons to the public. Typically, Plexus Coupon Code’s for Plexus Slim, Plexus Boost, and the combo packs are released to those who have been ordering for a while or are now plexus ambassadors. Sometimes the coupons are sent out to old customers in order to create an incentive for them to order again. So, yes coupon codes do exist. But when they do, there sent to a specific group of people and are only active for a day or so.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

With your Plexus Slim, Boost, Accelerator or any other product order comes a 60 day money back guarantee. A few questions are asked as to why you are cancelling, but its purely for feedback. Its a very easy process to follow and if your genuinely upset with your purchase, I encourage you to use it. On that note, out of the thousands of orders I’ve seen, only a handful of rare cases has actually gone ahead and used this.

In Summary

As a retail customer you will pay full price, and it will be for nothing. An alternative is to: order as a preferred customer for a lower price. With a 60-day money back guarantee, you don’t really have anything to lose. This product has been tried tested and true. With countless reviews there is no doubt you will see success. Join the thousands of others who are starting their weight loss journey today. Give Plexus a try.

What do you have to lose?

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