Plexus Slim Review & Testimonial

Rachel - MBSF AuthorFor many years, people have come across the “weight loss” drink, Plexus Slim and have wondered if it’s a scam or if it can actually deliver the weight loss results they have promised.

Well, if you have done your research, you may have noticed that 95% of the positive reviews are biased because of “Brand Ambassadors.” Brand Ambassadors are people that receive monetary compensation for promoting Plexus Slim. They can advertise on their social media platforms, their blogs and even in the form of videos promoting Plexus Slim with their “honest review.”

Don’t believe us? Here’s the info on Brand Ambassadors.

Even becoming Brand Ambassador is a scam! They force you to purchase the Welcome Pack for $35 (yes, you have to pay them to earn them money), and you have to personally have Plexus Slim autoship turned on. Something sounds fishy!

This is just a warning about the majority of the reviews of Plexus Slim you will read online. They are biased and fully promotional in an attempt to sell you Plexus Slim for their commission.

What Are The Real Plexus Slim Reviews???

First, here is a warning issued by the FDA (yes, the Federal Drug Administration) about Plexus Slim: Read The Warning Here! 

Did you know… That Plexus Slim is banned in Australia? Check it out!

Next, Plexus Slim contains an ingredient called, dimethylamylamine (DMAA). DMAA is a banned substance that has much longer lists of negative side effects than positive ones. Another FDA warning about DMAA states that you should stay far away from DMAA. Side effects of DMAA include shortness of breathe, elevated blood pressure & even heart attacks.

Plexus Worldwide (owner of Plexus Slim) also has an abundance of negative complaints on the BBB (Better Business Bureau):

Plexus Slim BBB complaints
Plexus Slim BBB complaints

Next, here are a few screenshots of REAL Plexus Slim users:

Plexus Slim Review & Testimonial 1

Plexus Slim Review & Testimonial 3

Plexus Slim Review & Testimonial 5

Plexus Slim Review & Testimonial 7

Plexus Slim is no different than the Hydroxycut Scam or any of the other “weight loss” supplement scams. Being pumped full of un-natural ingredients is not safe and will likely lead to larger issues. The majority of the users have noticed detrimental issues, which can be further seen on our Plexus Slim Side Effects page.

When is comes to losing weight, we must remember that there are no shortcuts; only assistants. Is Plexus Slim an assistant that seems like it’s worth the risk? With the hundreds of horrible experiences & reviews regarding Plexus Slim, it’s a no-brainer that this is not the weight loss solution for you.

There are supplements available that have all-natural ingredients to help assist with weight loss, but unfortunately, those ingredients are not in Plexus Slim. If a weight loss product brings in this much controversy, that is a clear sign to stay away.

If you’re looking for an all-natural weight loss assistant, we recommend you learn more about Slimfy here! 

Our verdict is to recommend our loyal readers to stay far away from Plexus Slim. The REAL reviews of Plexus Slim show us that this is one supplement that will either steal your money or fail to deliver promised results. Be weary of positive reviews, especially if they provide a link to purchase, as this is most likely their Ambassador portal link.

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