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VitaminLab was founded in 2014 by a team of pharmacists, nutritionists and doctors for one common goal - to bring personlized health to as many people as possible. Through their own in-house manufacturing facility, VitaminLab uses rigorous clinical studies, clinical analysis and expert opinion to look at health data and not only make recommendations but also produce vitamins!

The "difference" of VitaminLab:
  • In-house manufacturing reduces daily capsule requirements and meets cGMP and FDA requirements.
  • Ingredients are sourced only from reputable European and North American sources from the most bio-available forms.
  • Day-to-day support is available via live chat, phone and e-mail.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging avoiding the plastic generated from "daily packs".
  • Many options to choose from: Popular preset "goal" formulas, questionnaires, DNA upload (via 23andMe etc.) or Create Your Own Stack.
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