Cycling as entertainment for seniors

Keeping Fit and Having Fun: Exercise-Based Entertainment for Seniors

When it comes to having fun, seniors shouldn’t feel like they have to choose between exercise and a good time. There are many ways to stay fit with entertainment for seniors.

As we get older, we are told that we can play less sports and have to be more careful. We find that only the ladder being more careful can actually allow us to have more fun play sports, and be active. Here you can stay fit and have fun at the same time.

Different Types of Exercise

Exercise looks different for everyone and so does entertainment for seniors. That’s why we have curated a list of great options that might fit different needs. If you aren’t sure the best way to get started is to give it a try! 

Rock Out With Zumba Classes 

Zumba classes are something that everybody loves. But what is Zumba? Ah is an active way to incorporate dance and sometimes strength training into an active class where you’re getting both cardio and muscle tone. It also requires some agility.

There are many different types of Zumba classes that can fit your music and taste such as more of a salsa vibe or a little more hip-hop. Reliving some of your best youth through music is one of the most fun ways to entertain yourself while also breaking a sweat and adding entertainment for seniors.

YouTube Yoga 

Not all classes require you to go in person. There are so many different available fitness forms online which is why yoga on YouTube is so popular today. And to boot there are also many different types of yoga, but something a little bit more suited for seniors is chair yoga.

This provides a level of safety for all different yoga levels. Gaining balance and enjoying a good stretch can be a lot of fun if something slower paste is more your speed.

There is also a lot of technology out there, such as Jubilee TV senior remote, that allows seniors to connect with their family and participate in entertainment even when they are not together. This is a great way to stay safe during times of illness or caution. 


Barre is another great option because it provides a level of support and incorporates slow movements to help strengthen and stretch your muscles. This is a fan favorite for anyone who has ever danced in their lives but loves the structure of ballet. 

Choosing an entry-level to begin is important because the barre looks less intimidating than it feels the next day. Positions that don’t feel right should be immediately discussed with the teacher. 

Walk Clubs 

Some people enjoy the company of others, which is why walk clubs and run clubs have taken off in popularity. These clubs allow you to exercise with a group and have your daily chats. Some clubs are outdoors, while others are indoors on treadmills.

Walking on treadmills indoors also allows for reading or watching movies while getting exercise. This is harder to do outside, but most treadmills nowadays have the technology to sync up with different TV options and providers. 

Group Strength Training

Strength training is something that seniors should not miss out on. Strength training is what keeps our muscles and joints healthy and happy which is why it’s so popular for anybody. I’m almost any age at this point.

Strengthening by yourself can sometimes be a bore, which is why group strength training is a lot of fun. A lot of different Fitness clubs will offer this and it’s a great opportunity to meet new friends. However, you can find online videos that incorporate strength, training and yoga with the chair.


Swim classes in aquatics are always a great activity for seniors to have fun because it’s so safe. This takes all the pressure off of any joints with a hard pavement due to the lack of pressure in the water. It also creates resistance when moving around.

Whether you’re doing aquatic sports or aquatic dancing, there are many different avenues for seniors. Check out a local health club or a YMCA to see if they offer these types of classes. Just make sure that even after a swim workout, you are getting the proper fuel to recover. 

Finding Entertainment for Seniors

What everyone considers fun may be different from person to person. Entertainment for seniors, and exercise mean that the individual must enjoy the type of exercise they’re doing. Some seniors might find themselves like Rocky Balboa.

As with any exercise or entertainment for seniors, it is important to pace yourself. Doing too much can lead to injury, which is why it is always a good idea to talk to your doctors who know your health history. They can go over which exercises may be a geat idea and which ones to avoid. 

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