Family Hiking

10 Ways To Exercise As A Family

Family Hiking

Family time has been suffering lately. As parents, our days feel rushed with our full schedules, and our kids’ attention has been taken over by smartphones and all of their apps. Spending time together without any distractions has become a challenge when phones are going off, the TV on and adults worrying about what needs to be done tomorrow, rather than being in the moment.

Yet, family time is essential to each and every member of the group. Communication lines stay open; trust grows stronger, and the bond is undeniable when the members give each other priority. So what better way to spend time together as a family than through exercise?

Exercise will keep everyone active and help control everyone’s weight. It is a time to unwind and have a laugh together. Mostly, it is a time to nurture intimacy as a family and create that trusting environment for kids always to turn to their parents. There are many ways to exercise as a family, and the following are ten of the easiest ones to try.

Hikes – The simple act of walking helps us all to reflect on our days and to fall quiet while we watch the environment around us. Long hikes will get you all telling stories, opening up and seeing new things around you, as a family.

Hula hoops – The hula hoop is a great exercise tool to have at home. From backyard hula hoop competitions to commercial breaks spent twisting the hoop, this fun tool will get you all moving.

Family Bike Riding

Bikes – From running errands to visiting the local park, taking the dog for a run or simply taking a break from homework and chores, getting everyone out of the house on the bike will get you all working on your stamina.

Exercise videos – For those wintry days when you are stuck at home, try finding an exercise video online that is fun for everyone. Whether that’s aerobics or boxercise, you are sure to find the video everyone will love.

Garden – Gardening will not only get you all moving, but it will make your yard look more beautiful. This one is also perfect to get everyone’s hands dirty, making it less likely for anyone to touch their phones.

Ask your kids to teach you a game – Don’t take the reins for every activity, instead, let your kids teach you a new active game you can play as a family.

Father & Son Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing – When your kids are still young, trying indoor rock climbing is an exciting exercise for them. Who knows, they could love it so much they might attempt to rock climb outdoors as they grow older.

Jump ropeThe rope torches calories. You can use this affordable exercise tool to play double dutch, or you can have skipping rope competitions.

Organize competitive games – If you have a big family, then you can enjoy playing football, basketball, volleyball or other games against each other.

Music – Cranking up the music when you are all in the house is the best way to distract everyone from their phones and sing and dance along. No matter how old you are, the right song will always get you moving!

Exercising should be fun, otherwise, it will be difficult to incorporate it into your everyday routine. Exercising as a family should involve all the members, so you should allow your kids to pitch exercise ideas. This way, they can get excited, and the activities will never grow to be boring.

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