Nootropics 101 – Beginners Guide to Brain Supplements


Have you heard of nootropics? You may not know much about this term. If you are just starting to learn about brain supplements, then you should continue reading. You will see that these brain supplements are thought to be cognitive enhancers, and they have even been called smart drugs by those that have used them in the past. This is because they are brain supplements that have been found to be effective when it comes to helping improve your overall thought processes. This will include your memory, cognition, motivation and even your ability to concentrate.

Nootropics – Benefits

There are some very common things that nootropics should be doing for you. Consider the following benefits:

• Increase your ability to learn
• Help you remember
• Protect your mind from hypoxia
• Protect the brain from a number of different injuries
• Fight against negative effects related to psychotropic drugs
• Be low in relation to toxicity

Nootropics – Side Effects

There can be side effects related to the nootropics that you might be considering taking. Some people are going to report that they have suffered from headaches when they take nootropics. Therefore, it may be best to consider taking lower doses in order to see how your body is going to react before you increase your dosage. Some people have reported that they have a decrease in side effects by consuming certain foods, such as eggs before they consume these brain supplements.

Piracetam – Nootropics for Cognition

Many individuals will take these supplements to help increase their cognition. Many senile patients have found that there are positive results when they take them. Others may be shocked to find that it is possible to reverse negative side effects within the brain related to alcoholism. When people have complications related to a stroke they might want to think about consuming piracetam. One should look at reviews of piracetam for deciding to use.

Aniracetam – Nootropics for Anxiety and Mood

Those people that are dealing with anxiety, and mood complications, may find that nootropics such as Aniracetam can be very effective. There are many positive aniracetam reviews by those who have used it. Those that have used this in the past have reported that it is similar to a mild sedative. It can be effective at decreasing the anxiety that can make it difficult to complete daily tasks. Individuals have had success at improving their mood when they use supplements like this.

Noopept – Nootropics for Memory

When individuals have taken this brain supplement in the past, they have reported that they have been able to recall memories much easier. It may be effective with Alzheimer patients just like piracetam. What you must remember is that this supplement is a lot more powerful than piracetam. So, if you are planning on taking this, you should start with very small doses and see how your body is going to react to it.

While you might want to consider using these brain supplements you should know that there are other substances out there that can assist with the functioning of your brain. These things can include vitamins and minerals that are certainly safe for consumption. Keep in mind that some nootropics have been studied more than others. There could be negative side effects for those that are simply starting to experiment with them. Because of this, it is always best to research proper dosing and follow these recommendations. Some people will stack these supplements on top of each other for more powerful effects. This is not recommended until you have identified how your body is going to react to each of them. While possible side effects will not be serious, they can be uncomfortable and therefore, slower is better.

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