Things to Avoid if You Have Troubles with Sleep 1

Things to Avoid if You Have Troubles with Sleep

It can be incredibly frustrating if you have to catch an early morning flight and you have been rolling in and out of bed trying to get your much-needed sleep. There are some days when you can just lay in bed and sleep without problems. But there are other days, too, when you have to resort to medications to give you the sleep that you need.

We are now living in a fast-paced era where everything is so convenient and easy-to-reach. Gone are the days where people have to be in bed by 7 PM because it gets dark at that time and there is no source of electricity to keep them up during the night. Due to advances in power and technology, everyone can now stay up for as long as they want because there are no more electric and water shortages to impede our activities.

Electricity is a groundbreaking innovation. However, when used irresponsibly, can be a detriment to human systems and rhythms. What keeps people productive at night also puts them out of sleep.

If you’ve been suffering from sleep debt for months, and even years, how can you get your life back and give you the restful sleep that you deserve? And what are the things you should avoid to give you that most sought-after sleep?

Here are some of the things you should avoid if you’re looking into improving your sleep:

  1. Turning on gadgets at night

Technology has made it possible for people to do more with less effort. There are so many things you can do these days because of technology, and the empowerment it gives you can be very addicting.

Many people look forward to laying in bed not to prepare themselves for sleep, but to catch up with friends and family through social media and instant messaging. Doing so can be a big mistake because this catching up keeps you engaged, making you alert and keeping you awake.

If you want to have a more restful sleep, turn off distractions at night including mobile phones, laptops, radios, and televisions. You should put out all things that can hinder your focus in preparing your body to get its needed sleep.

  1. Not putting out the light

Some people find it difficult to sleep without some light turned on because they feel insecure about laying in bed for a few hours in total darkness. While this is understandable, it can undermine your body’s circadian rhythm. You may think you are asleep, but in fact, your body is working hard to keep you asleep despite the environment giving all the signals that you must be awake. So, instead of having a restful sleep, you wake up feeling restless and downtrodden.

Make it a habit of putting out all artificial light when you go to sleep. Sleeping in a dark room can be very beneficial in mellowing down your biological systems, creating the environment for a good night’s sleep.


These are the top things you should avoid when your goal is to have a restful sleep. It is not that difficult to get into the proper sleep-wake cycle. All you need is consistency and dedication to put your body out of sleep debt. Be kind to your body, and it will be nice to you, too.

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