My Rootine Review: Vitamins Customized for My DNA

My Rootine Review: Vitamins Curated for Your DNA

Have you ever wondered if that bottle of multivitamins off the shelf at your favorite big box store was really doing you any good? Yeah, me too!

After all, science tells us that nutritional needs change drastically depending on diet, age, gender, stress-level, digestive health, illness… the list goes on and on. So, how could the same multivitamin formula possibly work for everyone?

Naturally, when I found out about Rootine, I was intrigued. I had never heard of customizing vitamins according to your DNA before. I was skeptical, but also very curious!

So, I decided to do some research and give Rootine’s customized vitamins a try for myself. Here’s my unbiased Rootine review and my experience with vitamins customized for my DNA!

My Rootine Review: A Little Company History

First, I visited their website to get the basics. I found out that Rootine was founded by two experts in the field of nutrition. Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer has a Ph.D. in biotechnology and is also an expert in genetics. His partner is Rachel Sanders, a passionate health and nutrition expert with a degree from Harvard.

They wanted to get away from the one size fits all approach to supplements and nutrition. According to the website, they “offer the most advanced approach to personalized daily vitamins and nutrigenomic nutrition by analyzing your precise nutrient needs through lifestyle, genetic, and blood testing.”

Unlike most vitamins off the shelf, Rootine vitamins are free of fillers and unnatural ingredients. They only contain the nutrients you actually need. In fact, the formulas were developed by a team of genetic and supplement experts who spent eight years perfecting them.

That all sounds pretty impressive, but of course, I had to dive in deeper.

What Makes Rootine Different?

What Makes Rootine’s Approach Different?

I wanted to know what makes Rootine stand out from all the other vitamin companies I’ve tried, so I did some digging.

It turns out that Rootine is one of a handful of brilliant next-generation custom vitamin companies that are introducing the idea of personalized and customized supplements to the market. You’ve probably heard about companies that conduct online quizzes and send you daily vitamin packs based on your lifestyle, overall health, and other key factors.

While the online questionnaire is definitely a big step in the right direction, Rootine takes things a bit further than that. Their formulas are based on your quiz results and a DNA test. They’ll even analyze your blood work if you want to send that in as well.

You’ll still get the personalized and convenient pill packs with your name on them each month, but the formula is uniquely yours, based on 52 genetic markers, your lifestyle, and your blood work!

That sounds pretty cool, and it’s definitely a different approach than anything I’ve ever seen before. But, does DNA really affect what nutrients you need? Read on to see what the science says!

Rootine instruction booklet

Does DNA Really Affect Your Nutritional Requirements?

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably more than a little skeptical of any new trend in the health and wellness industry. I needed to know what the science had to say about genetics and nutrition before I could form an opinion about Rootine.

Through some pretty in-depth research, I discovered that the science of identifying gene variants and how they relate to nutrition is call nutrigenetics.

You may have heard of The Human Genome Project. They’re a government agency that supports scientists who are studying the relationship between genes, nutrition, and diseases. One such interesting study shows that genetic factors and nutrition can play an intricate role in the development of diseases like cancer.

And, it turns out that some nutrients can actually be especially helpful for people with specific DNA factors, while others can be surprisingly harmful or have no effect at all. For example, people who have a genetic variation on their HFE gene should never take an iron supplement because it can be toxic to them over time.

Another example applies to people with a certain variation on their NQO1 gene. Although CoQ10 is considered a fantastic antioxidant for heart health, hair growth, and more, people with this gene would be wasting their money on this supplement because their bodies can’t activate this nutrient. I had no idea!

Genetic factors can even influence which foods you like and don’t like. Even more interestingly, for people with certain genetics, the ability to digest lactose disappears after they’re weaned. That certainly could explain why some people develop lactose intolerance and other food sensitivities, while others never have an issue.

Although this is a growing and evolving science, it’s clear that DNA is worth considering when it comes to optimal nutrition.

I was really impressed to discover that the genetic scientists at Rootine are constantly studying gene-nutrient interactions. They use your actual DNA results to curate a personalized multivitamin and mineral supplement with the correct dosages for your unique body. Now, that’s customized nutrition!

DNA Test from Rootine

How the Rootine Process Works

After seeing the compelling scientific evidence, I was ready to give Rootine a try! So, I went on the website, took the lifestyle quiz, and ordered my DNA test. (If you already have DNA data from somewhere like 23andMe or, you can simply upload it without having to retest.)

I was also offered the option to upload blood work data but decided to skip that and just focus on DNA and lifestyle factors for now.

When my test kit arrived, I completed three painless cheek swabs and mailed them back in the prepaid envelope to wait for my results.

In a couple of weeks, I was able to read my DNA results online and learn all about the genetic factors that contributed to my nutritional requirements. It was interesting to see the differences between what my lifestyle quiz said I should be taking versus what my DNA says I really need!

My Custom Vitamin Packs from Rootine

The Verdict: My Experience with Vitamins Customized for My DNA

Let’s dive into my Rootine review and experiences after taking them for 30 days!

My personalized vitamin packs arrived a few weeks after I sent off my DNA test. The first thing I noticed was that Rootine vitamins come as micro-beads, not pills! According to the company, the little beads are time-release and easier for the body to absorb.

Rootine Vitamins Come as Tiny, Flavorless Microbeads
Rootine Vitamins Come as Tiny, Flavorless Microbeads

Personally, I hate swallowing pills, so I love that I can mix these flavorless little beads right into my morning smoothie. If I’m on the go, I simply pour them into my mouth, half at a time, and swallow them with some water. It’s super easy to get into the habit of taking them every morning.

And, they don’t upset my stomach like a lot of other vitamins often do!

Another thing I love about Rootine’s personalized vitamin packs is the super convenient packaging. Each dose comes in its own little packet, which I can toss in my purse or even stick in the little pocket on my workout leggings. If you’re always rushing out the door in the morning like I am, you’ll find these multivitamin packs very handy!

So, what’s the verdict? Are Rootine vitamins any different from other supplements?

Absolutely! Although it’s too soon to know if they’re making a big difference in my long-term health, after taking them religiously for 30 days, I feel like I have more energy and focus, which is always a good thing!

I also appreciate knowing the science and reasoning behind the creation of my personalized multivitamin formula.

I feel like Rootine vitamins are a fantastic addition to my daily wellness routine and I love taking a supplement that’s curated just for me. No more one size fits all vitamins from the grocery store!

I plan to continue my Rootine subscription, and I highly recommend giving them a try!

Rootine Custom Vitamins

Rootine Custom Vitamins

The Bottom Line
Rootine creates the most personalized multivitamin based on your DNA, blood tests, and lifestyle factors. Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer Ph.D. and his team created the Rootine approach based on 10+ years of nutrigenetic science.

Why we love Rootine?
Most custom vitamin brands decide your nutrients based on a lifestyle quiz; Rootine goes much further to create a complete picture of your unique requirements through at-home DNA and blood testing.

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Personalized formulas based on lifestyle quiz, blood tests, and DNA
Backed by scientific research and independent laboratory testing
Slow release microbeads are easier to swallow than pills
Daily packets are convenient for on-the-go
Made from the highest quality, natural ingredients
Takes a while to get your first pack if you don’t already have DNA test results to upload
More expensive than other custom vitamins we’ve tried, probably due to extensive personalization and high-quality of ingredients

Final Score

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