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Baze provides the only personalized supplement packs actually based on your nutrient levels. You complete a quick and painless blood nutrient test, delivered right to your door, and fill out a questionnaire. Then they send you convenient monthly supplement packs to help you fill in your nutrient gaps. Through re-testing, your supplements adjust with you as your needs change.

Why we love Baze’s approach:

  • It’s no-nonsense. No more guesswork, trial and error, and wasted money on unnecessary pills.
  • A painless blood test developed by scientists at MIT shows what nutrients you truly need.
  • Your test results, actionable insights, and supplement recommendations are compiled into an easy-to-read report made just for you.
  • You get 1:1 support from Baze’s Registered Dietitians.
  • Their supplements are made in the USA and tested according to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practices meaning they’re highly effective and safe.
  • Vegan options are available and all supplements are free from GMOs, gluten, lactose, and artificial dyes.
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