What to Know About Medical-Turned-Spa Treatments 1

What to Know About Medical-Turned-Spa Treatments

After such a long and tiring week, most adults would prefer indulging their well-deserved weekends and holidays relaxing in resorts and spas. And if they have the money, they also pay to avail of some spa treatments offered, such as a massage or body wax.

In time, people started seeking treatments that would give them a long-lasting effect, especially those that could somehow improve them aesthetically. Such examples would be laser hair removal, Botox, and diamond peel. Unlike regular massages and body wrapping, however, they are classified as medical treatments because they alter the overall structure and function of the skin after the procedure.

It is because of this need that medical spas, or medispas, are born. But compared to a typical spa, medispas have higher standards when it comes to the products and services they offer. After all, they offer procedures that could alter the overall function and structure of the affected area.

If you plan to avail of any of the medical treatments given above, you first need to ask three things:

Who would perform it?

In availing of the service, you must know that only licensed doctors should perform it. This is to ensure that the medical equipment and the steps itself are done well. Aside from that, the doctor must know your medical history, allergies, and medications that you are taking so that they can adjust the procedure based on your needs. If worse comes to worst, they can also do countermeasures if the need arises during the treatment.

What products would be used?

Just like any food and drug, ointments and soothing gels applied on the skin can be good or bad depending on the person. Thus, it is vital that you or your medical provider knows if a product the latter would use can irritate your skin.

To check if this is so, insist on a skin patch test first. In this procedure, a small amount of the product would be applied on one area of our skin (most prefer the back of the hand) and observe it for hours or even days. The result of the test would determine the reaction your skin will make once it is applied to your face or affected area.

An important note on Botox: the company which patented the product sells it for $505–nothing more, nothing less. However, they are aware of shady medispas who offer Botox injections for less. Their advice? If the dose costs less than $350 to be placed between the brows, walk away.

How often do they clean the instruments?

Some procedures like the diamond peel and facial treatment would require instruments that would touch the skin. And because you are not the only customer they have, it is likely that others are using the same tools.

You may never know if the patient who came before you have a history of herpes or skin condition that is transferable through indirect contact. You must also be wary of procedures that could pierce the skin as dried blood in unsanitized equipment can be infected with hepatitis and other viral infections that can be carried over to you.

It never hurts to ask the doctor on questions related to safety and sanitation, as contamination (or worse, bacterial outbreak) may hurt not only you but also their reputation.

If the facility you are eyeing on tries to evade these questions or fails to provide you a satisfying answer, the next step would be to find another center that does. Medical treatments, when done right, can seriously improve your overall appearance. However, if unsuccessful, it can alter your life forever. So before splurging on these not-so-expensive procedures, do your assignment and know if they can give the best AND safest bang for your buck.

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