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Contribution Guidelines

*If these guidelines are not met or addressed, we will trash your inquiry


  1. Post must be 100% original & unique – no spun content
  2. Content must be on topic with our industry and blog theme
  3. You must own/have rights to the pictures being used in your articles
  4. Content must be of the highest quality and if the grammar isn’t right, we will reject.
  5. We allow for a MAXIMUM of 2 outgoing links from the post.

Do Not:

  1. Ask us for immediate publication of a post. We reserve the right to take content through an approval process.
  2. Use exact match anchors on your links or it will be rejected


  • We reserve the right to “nofollow” a link if it goes directly to a promotional post/product that doesn’t add value to the article.
  • We reserve the right to inform our readers if a post is a sponsored/paid post, ie. “This post is sponsored by…

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