What Matcha Tea Did for My Energy (A True Story)

Matcha Green Tea Energy

Before I get into my story, let me tell you where I was before. I have always been bombarded with labels and advertising for Matcha. I wasn’t impressed.

I’ve never been a go-with-the-crowd kind of girl. I’ve always been unique, special, and different. Everyone around me was so obsessed with Matcha, and frankly, I couldn’t care less.

Then, it started to happen.

Matcha Tea Was Everywhere I Looked

My friends all had Matcha in their homes and talked about it all the time

I started seeing the bright green Matcha boxes in my friends’ cupboards and out on their counters. At first, I thought they were just trying it out. I would look in the box. Most of it was gone.

Fine. They were just “on a new trend.” Whatever.

It wasn’t that big of a deal to me and, frankly, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal to them.

Then I heard them talking about it. My independent-minded friends would stand around and rave about how much they love Matcha. I would roll my eyes and try to ignore them. I would wait until they had started a different topic of conversation before I joined in.

Unfortunately, it only got worse from there. I started noticing the bright green labels in the store and in online ads. Every once in a while, one of my friends would post a picture of them and their Matcha tea on their social media page. What?! This was getting out of hand.

Forced Into Submission By Matcha

I finally decided that I would try it a single time

I was reading online about the health benefits of green tea, and I read that green tea can help you lose weight. I groaned. This was it.

I finally caved.

I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I was a sellout, so I did it in secret as all cowards do. I went out and bought a single container of Matcha tea. I assumed that the price matched the quality of the harvest, but I still only got the most cost-effective type of Matcha tea. I didn’t want to be out too much money if I was disappointed.

The Matcha Ritual

When I got home, I jumped on the Matcha website to learn how to prepare this odd-looking tea. I saw the video and read the instructions.

I have to say: I loved the ritual of it.

I loved warming and then drying the bowl. I loved scooping the fresh green tea into the bowl and adding the hot water. I loved the whisk. I mixed it slowly until it was completely prepared. Then, I whisked it quickly back and forth, building the froth.

I felt like I was blessing the loaves and fishes. When the ritual was complete, I took a sip.

My WTF Moment

What happened was really unusual

I wasn’t expecting to get energy from the drink. Yes, we all know that green tea has caffeine, but this wasn’t like an ordinary cup of coffee. My body felt clean and good and warm and earthy. I felt like I was touching the center of the earth, my hands in warm, deep soil.

All day long, I had this fabulous energy. Normally, I take a 10-minute cat nap in the middle of the day, right after lunch. It always turns into a 30-minute restless nap. This day, however, I felt great. I felt calm and relaxed and energetic and at peace with the world around me.

This really got my attention.

I know how coffee affects me. I know how energy drinks affect me. It’s always a sudden high, followed by a slow decline into moodiness and sadness. Then, I take another cup to get me through the rest of my day.

Matcha wasn’t like this. It was delicious and hot and fresh. I took it like this for many days, just once in the morning. Finally, I was ready to dip into experiments. I began trying it with different flavorings and complements. This made the experience unusual but not unpleasant. It was different now, but still very good.

My Matcha Energy Recipe

The way I like to use Matcha now

I still like the basic recipe. I love the original ritual.

Now, though, I add a little extra to the mix. I warm milk on the stove until it is hot. Not searing, only hot. Then, when I’ve already mixed the Matcha and water, I add the warm milk right before I begin to froth the mixture. The combination of cream and fresh, hot tea is magical. My toes curl up a little, and I try to memorize the taste. A little more cream, followed by a little more froth. Perfect.

Sometimes, I add a single drop of nutmeg oil, with or without the milk. It sets my tastebuds on fire.

I sit in my window and watch the city come alive in the early morning sky. I watch the cars below begin to move around, and I take another hot sip of Matcha tea.

My morning ritual has changed, but it is still deliciously sweet.

The Research Behind Matcha

What I found out about Matcha

I started researching the health benefits of Matcha. I wanted to understand how it gave me so much energy! I learned that the body sometimes responds badly to cancer treatment radiation. I learned that green tea can often prevent this damage from being more than mild. The way the body reacts to radiation often has to do with the clarity and relaxation of the individual, not to mention the health benefits of the green tea plant oils.

I remember my aunt, who had to get treatment for her cancer and how much she hated her radiation treatment. It would give her a mild burn on her skin. This would take a week or two to heal after every radiation treatment. Then it was time for more radiation.

Her cancer was eradicated, but I keep thinking about how much better it might have been for her if she had been green tea while she was doing this. Perhaps a high-quality tea like Matcha would have given her some extra protection during this time.

I learned that green tea could help block the plaques that form in the brain prior to the development of Alzheimer’s. This is a disease which does not yet have a cure if you’ll recall. That is impressive, in my opinion. I learned that vascular constriction can be lessened by drinking green tea. Mental and emotional stress can constrict arteries and blood vessels. If this continues for any period of time, this constriction can cause problems in your blood flow. I learned that green tea could have a positive effect on this constriction, even during trying emotional times.

Talk To Me

Has your experience been the same as mine?

Have you had the same experience with Matcha as I have had? Sometimes, it’s nice to read a good article about something of interest. However, I would love to hear about your own positive experiences with Matcha tea. Have you noticed any kind of health benefits or emotional relaxation from drinking it? Please comment below or reply to this post to share your story. We all would love to hear about your own experiences.

In the end, I would rather have a good morning ritual than another health action step. If I can have both relaxed health and a good ritualistic froth, I’ll take it. I’ll take it every time.

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