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Black Maca vs Red Maca: How Are They Different?

black maca vs red maca

Are black maca and red maca different? If you’ve seen them sitting on the shelf at your local health food store, you’ve probably wondered if one is better than the other. Here’s what men, women, and athletes should know about black maca vs red maca. What is Maca? If you’ve never heard of maca before, […]


Matcha Tea Energy: It’s Better Than Coffee!

Matcha Tea Energy

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get through my day without a little caffeine. I love my coffee, but there’s no denying it can leave me feeling a bit shaky and anxious if I overdo it. And energy drinks just aren’t worth the crash. When my friends started talking about how different matcha […]


The Benefits of Creatine for Women: Is it Right for You?

The Benefits of Creatine for Women

Creatine is a popular supplement among male bodybuilders because it helps to build muscle mass. Well, it turns out that the benefits of creatine for women are pretty significant, too! Science is just beginning to discover that creatine works much differently for women than men, and it’s ideal for women who want to build lean muscle […]


Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Tired?

Why Do Energy Drinks Make Me Tired

The number of people drinking energy drinks is quite large, and that number does not seem to be slowing down. People love the effect that energy drinks have on them. The problem is some people are feeling the exact opposite after some time. It might seem strange that one of the outcomes of drinking these […]


10 Ways To Exercise As A Family

Family Hiking

Family time has been suffering lately. As parents, our days feel rushed with our full schedules, and our kids’ attention has been taken over by smartphones and all of their apps. Spending time together without any distractions has become a challenge when phones are going off, the TV on and adults worrying about what needs […]