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Julia is the co-founder of MBSF and is a Certified Wellness Coach with accreditation from The University of Arizona, ACSM and is a NASM CNC Certified Nutrition Coach.Julia can be found in West Palm Beach, FL with her husband at 2 dogs.

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The Road to Better Sleep

The Road to Better Sleep 1

Approximately 40% of Americans don’t get an adequate night’s sleep on work days. Getting too few hours of sleep is not only detrimental to your impending Monday morning, but also carries negative long-term effects. Some of these include hampering weight-loss efforts, increasing your risk of heart disease, increasing your chance of depression, and hindering your memory-making […]


Giving Back Through Fitness

Giving Back Through Fitness 2

Scheduling time for yourself is one way to love yourself and to honor yourself. Being a little bit selfish with your time is okay and essential to nurturing our hearts and keeping our minds sane. Most of the time when we embark on a fitness journey, it’s for the reason of wanting to lose weight […]


How to Get In and Out of the Gym Quickly

How to Get In and Out of the Gym Quickly 3

We all lead incredibly busy lives. Whether you need to get to your next class, catch a bus back home, or pick up your kids from piano lessons, it’s difficult to find time to schedule in gym time for yourself. However, those of you who manage to do that know that you can’t dilly dally […]


Reasons to Break Up With Sugar Independent of the Scale

Reasons to Break Up With Sugar Independent of the Scale 4

Sugar is ubiquitous in the majority of the foods we eat. It’s sneaky, hiding in unsuspecting places like your pasta sauce, your condiments, and the dressing for your salad.  In recent years, Americans have started relying more and more on “low fat” foods. These foods, in an effort to keep the taste palatable, are loaded […]


How to Thrive After Criticism

How to Thrive After Criticism 5

“Criticism is something you can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”                 -Aristotle Too often, we come home from our long days of school, work, and taking care of our loved ones and collapse into a heaping mass of exhaustion. However, sometimes this exhaustion is manifested mentally, as opposed to physically. You’re […]


Ways to Cultivate Happiness

Ways to Cultivate Happiness 6

Happiness is something that many of us spend our entire lifetimes chasing. It’s critical to leading a fulfilled and joyful life, and helps improve our immune systems, as well as our day to day interactions with the people in our lives. It’s hard to describe what it feels like without using the actual word itself, […]


Active Date Ideas

Active Date Ideas 7

“Couples who sweat together, stay together”. If both you and your significant other or spouse are looking to be healthier, or just maintain an active lifestyle, what better way to knock two birds out with one stone than to incorporate something active into your date nights? Exercising can have both a physical and an emotional […]