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Janet is a Physician Assistant from Toms River, NJ. With a master's degree in Health Science (Master of Health Science), Janet's experience with recovery and medical ailments pushed her to pursue her side project of publishing. As a new contributor to MBSF, Janet aims to help debunk the trends and show the truth through the eyes of science.

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Can a Tooth Infection Cause Fatigue?

Can a Tooth Infection Cause Fatigue

A simple toothache is one thing, but if you have a tooth that’s throbbing with pain constantly, you need to take action quickly. When you have an infection in one of your teeth that spreads into the root, that’s called an abscess. Abscesses generally begin in the soft inner chamber, called the pulp of the […]


EverlyWell Review: The Results of My Food Sensitivity Test

EverlyWell Review- The Results of My Food Sensitivity Test

A couple of months ago, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling well. The problem was, I had no way of correlating the uneasiness with anything until I noticed that I started to feel immeditely lethargic after I ate certain foods. Sometimes, I would have a terrible headache and an upset stomach after having just one […]