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Francine is a featured writer for MBSF and is a certified yoga practitioner. Her skills for yoga & meditation have enhanced her own life and those she cares for dearly.

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Why Hemp Products Are Amazing For Pain Relief

Why Hemp Products Are Amazing For Pain Relief 1

Aches and pains – we all have them. Whether it be from a session of rigorous exercise, being on your feet all day, sitting in front of your computer at uncomfortable desk, or just sleeping awkwardly, we all go through sore muscles and joints from time to time. While most people commonly reach for an […]


Dangers of Wearing a Tight Bun

Dangers of Wearing a Tight Bun 2

The hair is considered to be the “crowning glory,” which means that it is a man or woman’s most beautiful and swoon-worthy part of the body. For some individuals, the hair can perfectly enhance the face and improve confidence, and for others, when given the right hairstyle, can give facial features a much-needed boost. Not […]


10 Tips to Curb Your Appetite the Natural Way

Woman reaching for donut

Do you have cravings for foods? Do you grab a packet of chips now and then? Do you look for foods in the kitchen? If yes, then you need to curb your hunger. One of the prime reasons of weight gain is overeating. Excessive eating not only leads to weight gain, but also it gives birth to several […]


How To Purchase Nerium AD For The Cheapest Price

> Buy Nerium AD on Amazon << I remember the day like it was yesterday, reading review after review. Was this new poisonous plant derived “wonder” skin cream the real deal? Contemplating harder as for whether or not I should buy this product but as I read on, I was infatuated with everything I read.  […]


Plexus Slim Cost & Discount

Editor’s Note: While Plexus Slim has been helping thousands of individuals each year, our top pick for the best weight loss solution has recently changed. We were proudly impressed by the data and ingredients of Slimfy that MBSF is now recommending the all-natural supplement for all readers. What is the Full Cost? The Full Retail Price […]